Beretta APX A1 Tactical Full Size

From Italy with love: Beretta APX1 Tactical Full Size and Compact

Summer, sun and Beretta. The traditional manufacturer has announced its well-known APX1 Tactical in Full Size and Compact for the fall. Find out everything you need to know here!

From Italy with love: Beretta APX1 Tactical full Size and Compact

Our neighboring country to the south is known for la dolce vita - beautiful beaches, good food and Beretta. The gunsmiths and engineers from the traditional manufacturer have now announced the already well-known APX as the APX A1 Tactical in full size and compact for Q3 2024. We lucky ones had the honor of putting the good pieces through their paces on 28.02. in Ulm. (our videos from IWA 2024 are embedded at the bottom of this article)

In the dynamic world of firearms technology, where innovation meets precision, the Beretta APX A1Tactical full-size pistol proves to be a beacon of technological advancement. At the forefront of modern firearms technology, this pistol is a pinnacle of innovative design, ergonomic excellence and uncompromising performance.

Innovative modular design

At the heart of the APX A1 Tacital is its revolutionary modular design. Designed with adaptability in mind, this pistol allows for seamless customization to meet the preferences and requirements of individual shooters. The modular design allows for quick and easy changes of grip sizes and configurations. This feature not only improves comfort and ergonomics, but also ensures optimal performance for shooters of all statures.
What we found particularly cool: The ATX A1 Tactical has a picantinny rail with three slots underneath the pistol in front of the trigger and is also Optic Ready!

Reliability thanks to striker firing trigger

At the heart of the APX A1 Tactical's technological performance is the firing pin mechanism, known for its unwavering reliability and performance. Unlike conventional striker-fired systems (colloquially known as "hammers"), Striker-Fired pistols have a greatly simplified yet very safe trigger mechanism. 
The absence of external controls ensures unparalleled ease of use, smooth trigger pull and efficiency. True to the motto: the fewer moving parts, the less wear and tear.

Advanced ergonomics

The APX A1 Tactical offers state-of-the-art ergonomics and redefines comfort and control. The pistol features a textured grip surface that has been carefully engineered to provide optimal traction and stability in adverse conditions. In addition, the grip angle and contour of the grip have been fine-tuned to promote natural aiming accuracy and reduce perceived recoil, allowing the shooter to maintain accuracy and control shot after shot.

Intuitive controls

The intuitive controls of the APX A1 Tactical make the complex operation of the weapon child's play. Equipped with an ambidextrous slide stop and a reversible magazine release, this pistol is equally suitable for shooters of all skill levels. The oversized trigger guard provides unobstructed access to the trigger, which favors quick and instinctive firing under stress, while the aggressive serration of the slide allows for quick and safe handling even in adverse weather conditions.

Technological precision

Every facet of the APX A1 Tactical is a testament to Beretta's commitment to precision engineering. From the cold-forged barrel, renowned for its exceptional accuracy and durability, to the state-of-the-art sights with a highly visible three-dot configuration for rapid target acquisition, every component is carefully crafted to exacting standards. The result is a pistol that delivers unparalleled performance shot after shot in the hands of the discerning shooter.

Beretta APX A1 Tactical Full Size
Beretta APX A1 Compact Tactical