Eine Canik MC 9 Micro Compact Pistole liegt neben zubehöhr auf einem Rucksack

METE MC9 - Micro compact power pack for the practical user

The Turkish manufacturer Canik recognized the trend towards polymer frames for pistols some time ago and knew how to make clever use of it. In 2023, Canik even expanded its range t...

METE MC9 - Micro compact power pack for the practical user

The Canik hype

The Turkish manufacturer Canik recognized the trend towards polymer frames for pistols some time ago and knew how to make clever use of it. In 2023, Canik even expanded its range to include all-steel models in order to meet the special needs of the sporting sector. With a special focus on affordability and, above all, on the features of the scope of delivery, Canik has conquered the American shooting community and quickly established itself as a brand.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to extensively test various Canik pistols. In addition to the full-size models SFx Rival, METE SFT and the all-steel variant SFX Rival-S, I have also been able to try out the smallest variant to date, the TP9 Sub Mete. So far, I've been impressed by what you get for the price of these products, and my expectations of the protagonist of this article were correspondingly high.

In this article, we will take a closer look at one of the latest models from a special segment: the METE MC9 micro-compact pistol in 9mm Luger caliber.


The Canik METE MC9 is a so-called "micro-compact" pistol and is part of the METE series, which is aimed specifically at the market for practical use and consequently also concealed carry. Like all the models I have tested so far, it comes with an impressive amount of accessories, which catch our eye as soon as we open the carrying case:

Besides the pistol and magazines, the most obvious addition to the package is probably an IWB (inside the waistband) holster, which is a very nice addition for this "concealed carry pistol". The holster can be converted to "OWB" ("outside the waistband") with the help of a screwdriver, even if this is more of a hypothetical nature. Even if the holster is more functional than really sophisticated, it is precisely this addition that ensures that the buyer can carry the weapon directly after purchase (e.g. as a back-up for hunting, for hunting protection or as a personal protector) and does not have to look for a suitable holster on the aftermarket. With a little practice, the holster allowed me to easily draw the weapon from the appendix position and also to safely and carefully holster the weapon.

The package also includes several cleaning and maintenance tools to help with cleaning, as well as a magazine quick loader. The entire kit is practical and more than just a gesture of appreciation.

The small plastic pistol included in these sets serves as a holder for the bit selection contained in the handle of this very tool for tightening and loosening screws. The case itself, although not particularly spectacular, is good enough to transport the gun safely and is also already cut out for a mounted optics system. This is something many of us will probably add quite quickly too - but more on that later.


The compact box of the METE MC9 contains the two magazines included in the package: a 12-round and a 15-round magazine are part of the delivery package, whereby the 12-round magazine has a short base plate with a small finger rest.

The second extended magazine supplied offers space for up to 15 rounds and, thanks to the extended base plate, also provides sufficient contact surface to create an absolutely stable grip even with a large hand (I wear size 11 gloves). This feature was also the case with the big sub-compact sister TP9 Sub Mete and impresses me every time I think about it. 

Grip & Feel

In addition to the two different magazine options, the MC9 comes with three different interchangeable backstraps to customize the grip contour to the user's hand. These interchangeable backstraps allow individual adjustment to the shooter's hand.


The trigger of this most compact Canik does not differ in its characteristics from the other pistols of the TP9 or METE series that I have tested so far: clear pressure point, very short trigger travel without a lot of creep (for a Striker-Fired pistol, mind you) and a very short reset. Awesome.

The trigger blade itself has the rounded shape typical of Canik's "carry" pistols, which is structured for safe use. It has a centrally positioned trigger safety in red color, which is easily depressed as soon as you pull the trigger with your finger. Just as with Glock or Walther, this safety is not a noticeable restriction in operation, but a clear plus in safety for a pistol with a firing pin lock, where the Striker is completely pre-cocked as with a Walther PDP, an HK SFP9 or a Sig Sauer P320 / 365.

Operating Elements

In the upper part of the frame, we find the ambidextrous locking lever, which is typical for Canik in terms of size and placement. I personally find it more than adequate in terms of position and design. There is a Picatinny rail at the front of the frame for attaching accessories such as weapon lights or other aiming aids. The magazine release button can be converted for left-handers, so that this rifle can be described as ambidextrous without restriction.


The breech of the Canik METE MC9 is prepared as standard to accept red dot optics. It has a removable plate that exposes a mounting surface, making it ready for a red dot. The milling for the red dot sight is located in front of the prominent rear sight and is cut deeper into the slide than with other manufacturers. This allows the existing iron sights to be used as "co-witness" or "back-up sights" - an important feature for a utility pistol.

(Digression: "back-up sights" here means that I can still shoot using the rear sight and front sight if the red dot should fail. To do this, the rear sight and front sight must be high enough to project over the body of the red dot).

As an additional safety feature, the slide also has a charge level indicator that provides both a visual and tactile indication. As with most Canik pistols, there is also a firing pin indicator in the back of the slide that indicates whether the firing pin is cocked or not.

(Author's note: The purpose of these "indicators" is the subject of much and not conclusive debate, as they do not relieve the user of his responsibility in handling the gun, which also includes checking the loading status and observing muzzle discipline).

On The Range

First of all: The small MC9 fired all the loads it was offered without any problems. The S&B 124-grain full metal jacket ammunition from the bulk pack and the Magtech 124-grain functioned just as smoothly as the 108-gr Geco Action Extreme catch shot ammunition or the Geco 9mm Luger SX equipped with very hard primers. There was not a single malfunction during my test.

Both the 12-round and 15-round magazines are easy to load. I believe that most, if not all, Canik magazines are made by Mec-Gar, which in my experience are fantastic products. These "small" magazines are no exception, they functioned smoothly and without issue during testing. Shooting the METE MC9 felt very comfortable overall, as compact pistols often have a slightly harder recoil than larger 9mm pistols. However, the MC9 behaves well enough to be very easy to control even in fast firing sequences - assuming, of course, a modern, stable grip technique.

At first I used the existing iron sights, which already worked very well and provided more than adequate accuracy at typical pistol distances.

After shooting the pistol for a while, I fitted a MeCanik MO1 Red Dot sight. MeCanik is the accessories subsidiary of the Canik brand and you can get everything a shooter's heart desires from a single source: from pants to additional holsters to red dots and all possible equipment for sport pistols.

As the optics plate fits quite snugly and therefore firmly on the bolt, I almost had to pry it off after removing the screws. However, once I removed them, the MO1 fit as it should - they are both made for each other and you can tell immediately. I tightened the screws to 2NM with a torque wrench and marked the positions with a touch-up pen. If the screws loosen, I can tell immediately.

As usual with CANIK, the Red Dot fitted almost perfectly with the open sights on top of each other, so that only a minimal correction was necessary when shooting in - if at all. The starting position was already sufficiently accurate to repeatedly fire precise shots from 10 m onto a beer mat. What more could a user want, straight after assembly and "out of the box"?

I also immediately noticed with this micro-compact how the RDS (Red Dot Sight) helps with fast target acquisition without having to take the focus off the target. At longer distances (15m to 25m), the Red Dot continued to show its strengths as usual, as it helped to reduce the size of the groups while at the same time increasing speed.

Lieferumfang der Micro Compact Pistole von Canik MC 9


The assessment of the required accuracy of a pistol can be subjective and therefore vary greatly depending on the intended use and the applied tactics.

While sporting accuracy is often based on "hole-in-hole" accuracy, the accuracy required in a practical context is often different. Here, a freehand spread of 25mm to 30mm (enclosed group) from 5m is to be considered sufficient. A group of 30mm at 5m corresponds to a group of 60mm at 10m or still only 120mm at 20m after applying the beam set. If a shooter with a utility weapon is able to deliver this, the accuracy of at least the weapon can be described as sufficient. After deducting the shooter's errors, these scattering circles would very probably melt together again, so that there is no reason for complaint here.

The accuracy of the METE MC9 from typical application distances thus proved to be more than good with all types of ammunition used. The groups at 10m easily stayed within my 60mm stickers and the groups only got bigger when I added a shot timer to induce a bit of stress and fast firing sequences.

Either way, even under pressure and including drawing from the holster, it was still easy to get several consecutive hits in an A-zone relevant for this type of application. More practice with this setup will definitely bring even better results, especially since such micro-compact pistols are a bit more demanding to handle than their "big" siblings.


The MC9 fits very well even in my hand, which can be described as very large, thanks to the customization options. I think that's exactly why it can fit most hands, making it a real option for users who simply have smaller hands than perhaps the average. When carrying, I found the setup with the 12-round magazine easier to conceal (less "printing" under light/tight clothing), but not as comfortable to shoot due to the shorter grip area.

The larger 15-round magazine, on the other hand, offered me a much better grip, but could also cause problems when carrying the pistol under light summer clothing or if you are a bit smaller overall. The nice thing is that you can decide for yourself what works better for you and then put together the setup that suits you best.

The controls are well placed as usual, the slide stop and magazine release are easy to reach before and after the shot. The texture of the grip allows good control over the gun and supports recoil management, while the serrations on the slide provide positive feedback during the loading process and the subsequent loading status check ("press check").

Die schwarze Ausführung der Canik MC 9 im Holster

Value For Money:

As expected, this Canik MC9 also offers excellent value for money. It's hard to believe what you can still get for so little money these days.

For just EUR 599 for the FDE version or EUR 579 for the black version, you can already get this little hunting companion - fully ready for use thanks to the holster supplied. I remember paying more for other pistols that came with the additional features of a rubber mallet from the hardware store. If you like the style of Canik pistols, this little MC9 is simply unbeatable in performance and price.

To summarize, here is my pros and cons list:

The good:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Optic-ready with co-witness open sights
  • Smooth shooting
  • Reliable performance
  • Interchangeable backstraps
  • 2 magazines with options
  • Mil-spec Picatinnyrail
  • Usable holster included
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Cleaning kit and maintenance tools included


The bad:

  • the included holster will not win any prizes, but is usable

How does the Canik METE MC9 score on my personal 10-point rating scale?

Accuracy: 8/10

I found the Canik METE MC9 to be solidly accurate at typical operating distances, with groupings of 50mm to 60mm at 10m each static freehand for precision.

Ergonomics: 9/10

The MC9 fits perfectly even in my large hands and I appreciate the customizable back options for the grip. The controls are easily accessible and it is very comfortable to hold, requiring little to no readjustment of grip technique.

Features: 9/10

Packed - from customizable grip backs, an optic-ready slide, ambidextrous configuration of controls, a Picatinny rail to a load level indicator and cocking status indicator - there's not much left to be desired.

Workmanship: 8/10

Canik's METE MC9 is a handsome pistol with a robust Cerakote finish and small gaps for a utility pistol, what more could you want?

Reliability: 10/10

During testing, the MC9 gave me no malfunctions or funny stories with either cheap bulk 9mm ammo or higher quality defense cartridges.

Value for money: 10/10

I am impressed with the price/performance ratio of the Canik MC9. It offers a lot of features at a very reasonable price, which makes it very hard to beat in its class. You may not get a "premium" brand in terms of current awareness, but you do get a premium experience at an almost discount price.



I expect all but perhaps the most elite among us will find the Canik METE MC9 to be a great little pistol. Even if the Canik brand is currently considered by some to be inferior to your sacred SIGs or the celebrated CZs, Glocks and Walthers of the world, I think the community will recognize the value.

It's a good concealed weapon for those seeking practicality, and it looks damn good doing it. Its reliability and accuracy are more than adequate for the end user, and you don't have to give your spouse embarrassing explanations for another four-figure purchase, but can proudly tell them about a low monetary value purchase that is unbeatable value for money.

Answers to possible questions:

Is Canik as good as Glock?

Although Canik pistols may not yet have the amount of prestigious service awards of Glock pistols, they are quickly gaining ground and are already considered a reliable alternative in the US.

How reliable are Canik pistols?

From my experience, having shot several different Canik pistol models, they are pretty reliable. I will qualify this answer, however, by saying that my perspective is that of a consumer - I am not an outspoken competitive shooter with specific requirements of a niche.

Are Caniks used by authorities?

As you can imagine, the Turkish military and police forces have been using this type of Canik pistol for many years.

What is the capacity of the Canik METE MC9?

The MC9 comes with both 12- and 15-round magazines, but all magazines of the "big siblings" fit - up to 20 rounds.



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