Shooters welcome! Young blood and fresh impulses in the European gun community. Out of passion, for the scene: A NEW-ERA magazine for Europe's modern shooters of today.

Europe's premier community magazine for the modern firearms enthusiast.

Dear Friend,

Chances are, we haven't yet had the pleasure of crossing paths. My name is Moritz Krautscheid. After spending several years in Massachusetts, USA, and the Massif Central region of France, I now reside in Germany with my wife and children. My private, as well as my professional life revolves around the world of firearms – whether it's as a sports shooter, a hunter, a defense shooting instructor, a content creator, brand marketing strategist, or sometimes, a voice for the community. However, But before all else, I am just normal guy. 

Like thousands of others across Europe and around the globe, I share a profound passion for this subject. I invest time and resources into equipment, ammunition, and continuous education. This passion has been with me since early childhood and has remained steadfast for nearly 40 years.

With all this vast amount of young people diving into the world of firearms, devoting their own time to contribute to the firearms community, there has not  been a better time to get on the train. Ever. 

Contrary to what my mother used to tell me, I don't consider myself to be anything extraordinary. However, over the past 15 years as a shooter, I've had the privilege of encountering thousands of exceptional individuals who continue to inspire me. These are people with fire in their hearts and gunpowder in their veins – be they competitive athletes, avid hunters, dedicated law enforcement officers, or enthusiastic paintball players. 
They encompass historians, collectors, instructors, MilSim enthusiasts, traders, and everyone in between, from newcomers to CEOs of major corporations. Each of them upholds the flame of passion, serving as beacons and role models for a modern, vibrant, and responsible European gun culture.

It is to these individuals that I dedicate LOWREADY MAGAZINE – Gunculture made in Europe.

However, this magazine does not belong to me; it belongs to the community itself. So, I extend an invitation to YOU to join us in shaping this magazine together. If something is missing, come aboard and contribute. If something doesn't sit right with you, let's change it. Whether as an editor, a video creator, an expert, a user, or simply as yourself – your input is invaluable.

Get on board, you'll be in for a ride. 
[email protected] 

You are the community. 

Moritz Krautscheid
Editor in Chief.