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RWS innovations for IWA 2024: Many new calibers and an unexpected highlight

If one thing is as certain as sunrise, it's that RWS will have its finger on the pulse of the industry and, of course, just in time for the IWA. But we'll be honest with you, we st...

RWS innovations for IWA 2024: Many new calibers and an unexpected highlight

If one thing is as certain as the Amen in church, it's that RWS will have its finger on the pulse of the industry and, of course, just in time for the IWA. But we'll be honest with you, we still weren't expecting this.

But let's start from the beginning. Who among you immediately gets excited when the words fall and driven hunt are mentioned? That's right - almost everyone. Reason enough to first of all look forward to the caliber expansion of the RWS DRIVEN HUNT.

The RWS DRIVEN HUNT hunting ammunition has demonstrated its effectiveness consistently over the past two driven hunt seasons.

The lead-free bullets are made of copper and are also corrosion-resistant nickel-plated. Last year at the IWA, the DRIVEN HUNT cartridge was given a useful extension in terms of special loads and has since been available in the RWS SHORT RIFLE version, which is well-known among hunters. 


Neue RWS DRIVEN HUNT Munition im Portrait

New from RWS at the IWA 2024: the RWS DRIVEN HUNT in the proven calibers 8x57 JS, 8x57 JRS and 9.3x62.

Its particular projectile design with the eye-catching flat tip, boattail, performance grooves and unique manufacturing process guarantee outstanding shock effect with maximized residual weight – even at short distances. What’s more, the bullet is nickel-plated, which is especially gentle on the barrel.

And for all of you who like to use RWS in combination with silencers and rather shorter barrels, the RWS DRIVEN HUNT SHORT RIFLE comes in the more than popular calibers .308 Win. SRF, .30-06 SRF and 9.3x62 SRF. But of course that's not all: the hunting cartridge with the "orange tip" has long been a popular alternative to the lead-containing deformation bullet from RWS. In 2024, the now more than proven lead-free RWS HIT hunting ammunition will be expanded to include the calibers 6.5 CREEDMOOR, 6.5x55 SE, .243 WIN. And that would put us back "in tune with the times", because these calibers have long been a real trend in long-range shooting.

RWS HIT Jagdmunition in der Hand eines Jaegers

And while we're on the subject of lead-free, RWS has also brought a new product to IWA 2024. The new RWS CINESHOT BLEIFREI is a 100% lead-free alternative for the shooting cinema and comes in the typical bolt action calibers .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRING, 8x57 JS, 9.3x62, 7x64 and .300 WIN. MAG on the market.

RWS CINESHOT wird aus dem Schiessstand genutzt

But RWS wouldn't be RWS if it didn't also have something for the sports shooters among us. 

Shooters can rest assured that they are getting proven quality and performance. The introduction of the RWS Super Field Heavy not only underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation, but also builds on the solid reputation of the Super Field product line.

- Stefan Rumpler, Product Manager for Airgun Pellets

The new RWS SUPER FIELD HEAVY sets a new milestone in diabolos. The precise round-head diabolo is aimed specifically at the growing market for high-precision, high-performance airguns. The ammunition provides the perfect conditions for PCP airguns. Whether for competitions, field target sports or hunting, this ammunition is universally applicable thanks to its reliability and efficiency.

The absolutely unexpected new product from RWS is the COUP DE GRACE.

The RWS COUP DE GRACE is an ammunition in the popular 9mm Luger caliber, specially designed for the coup de grace. It is only natural that rifle cartridge professionals like the guys at RWS should transfer their knowledge to the handgun cartridge segment. The deliberate choice of the universal pistol caliber 9mm Luger is based on the outstanding characteristics of this popular caliber. Moderate recoil with a high energy yield meet a more than sufficient magazine capacity - especially for hunting.

The new RWS cartridge comes in an innovative full copper hollow point bullet design, which you can be sure of - in two respects: firstly, it guarantees unparalleled expansion with reliable penetration and, secondly, the new RWS pistol ammunition has an impressive mushrooming of the bullet to 2.5 times its original diameter. And that, yes, you guessed it, prevents the cartridge from penetrating unintentionally and thus considerably minimizes the background hazard, for example also for our four-legged hunting friends. 

The 100% energy transfer in the body of the game ensures an extremely effective killing effect. The nickel coating protects the barrel, while the case coating optimizes the sliding properties and thus ensures reliable feeding in the chamber. 

As you all know, the mercy shot is nevertheless and fortunately rather rare in hunting. In order not to get out of practice, RWS also presents a suitable practice short-barrelled ammunition in the popular 9mm Luger caliber. With the RWS 9MM LUGER FMJ, RWS supplies a handgun cartridge with the perfect characteristics for training. 

We are looking forward to proven quality from RWS and a newcomer including a training counterpart in the pistol caliber segment!

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