New products from Steiner: High Tech from Franconia

Another Red Dot? Yes, because the world of optics is constantly changing and is characterized by innovation and progress. High-tech solutions for hunting, shooting and application...

New products from Steiner: High tech from Franconia

Another Red Dot? 
Yes, because the world of optics is constantly changing and is characterized by innovation and progress. High-tech solutions for hunting, shooting and applications in dynamic disciplines help us to capture targets precisely and not lose sight of them. And Steiner seems to have same idea!

Our friends at Steiner are among the pioneers in the industry and have been impressing customers with new products for over 70 years. It is therefore no coincidence that Steiner is one of the go-to optics for authorities worldwide. This time they are launching the T1Xi red dot sight - a remarkable combination of precision, robustness and advanced technology. The T1Xi is a modern, versatile and compact sight with switchable reticles (Dot, Circle or Dot and Circle). The T1Xi is a reliable companion and promises not to let us down even in extreme situations. It is suitable for hunters, sport shooters and for use in an official environment. Also worth a second look for the AR enthusiasts among us!

The TM3X goes one step further. The magnifier from Steiner promises seamless compatibility with all common red dot sights and outstanding performance in the usual compact and durable Steiner design. The TM3X was developed for use in the toughest conditions and the guys and gals at Steiner call it an "indispensable tool that focuses on robustness, performance and adaptability". Uncompromising, reliable, efficient and more space on our tracks - okay, you've got our interest.

Our friends from Bayreuth in Franconia also have a real treat in store for hunters. The eRanger product line uses the latest technological approaches to revolutionize hunting and at the same time ensure ethical hunting.

The eRanger LRF 10x42 is the binoculars of the future and sets new standards. These are binoculars in the optoelectronic range. It combines the precision of a laser rangefinder with digital functions to support hunters before and after the shot. The target point of the last measurement can be displayed directly in the Steiner Connect 2.0 mobile app via Bluetooth, enabling precise navigation to the shooting range. The device measures distances of up to 3,000 meters and calculates ballistic distances for hit points in steep terrain. With a robust aluminum housing and a brightness that claims to be unsurpassed in its class, the eRanger LRF 10x42 sets new standards for hunting binoculars and facilitates hunting tasks with its digital functions and interfaces.

With the eRangr 8, Steiner is launching two new riflescopes for hunting use in the second quarter of 2024 that promise to usher in a new era. The integrated ballistics computer calculates the bullet drop from a wide range of data, and an indicator points out canting. All parameters important for the shot are displayed in the field of view, thus minimizing the risk of shooting errors. Another feature is the compatibility with the LRF 10X42. The data measured in the LRF can be transferred to the eRanger 8 via Bluetooth, enabling a reliable response and ultimately a faster shot. The riflescope is available on the market as a 3-24x56 and 2-16x50.

The "Hybrid Optics" concept therefore offers real added value. We recommend that all hunters and tech geeks take a closer look - it really is worth it!

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