Pepperbox TV - Gunfluencers are sick of YouTubes shit ...

America, Fuck Yeah. The most well-known US gun influencers have come together to launch Pepperbox.TV, a new streaming platform that promises to revolutionize Guntubing.

It was only a matter of time. Brandon Herrera, Administrative Results, Donut Operator, Matt Carriker / Demolition Range... They all belong to perhaps the most elite club in the scene - the club of superstar gunfluencers. A video from them can elevate brands to the skies or trigger a devastating shitstorm.

At some point, these influencers, perhaps in a drunken haze, must have said: "Bro, why don't we just make our own Netflix with guns?"

Now, about a week ago, Pepperbox.TV launched. A streaming platform with the stylish design of the big role models. Currently, the guys are celebrating a cross-content party: here they shoot, yell, drink, and swear up a storm. Promised are exclusive content and the feeling of somehow belonging to the Wildbunch. Currently, this is available for $3.99 a month.It seems not all the big names in the scene are on board yet. Forgotten Weapons, Garand Thumb, and Polenar Tactical are likely to appear soon as well.

Here you can see the official announcement as a prelude to the "Unsubscribe Podcast":

The launch of Pepperbox.TV raises many interesting questions about the state of the firearms industry. On one hand, the mentioned content creators have long been financially strong and far-reaching enough to manhandle even the biggest brands into collaborations. On the other hand, it is precisely Google and Meta that have enabled this success in the first place. Now, if these guys want to establish an alternative to these giants with Pepperbox.TV, they are relying on their fans to switch to the new paid-platform. And that is not a sure bet.

If they succeed in the medium term, however, Pepperbox.TV could mark the beginning of a new era in Guntubing. Ideally, it would feature transparent rules, no throttling of reach, and a fair monetization system for gun content creators. In any case, it would mean even more influence for these guys on the industry.

Here’s the link to Pepperbox.TV.

Image source: Pepperbox.TV