The Concept of Team CQB | Pro's Guide to Team CQB

UF PRO, the masters of educational content for professionals and MilSim Larpers are at it with a new HOW-TO Series. Ironically with the same topic, that initiated the entire social...

The Pros Guide to Team CQB: A New Series from Two Alpha Training Group

In an exciting new video series, Two Alpha Training Group's kawa mawlayee takes viewers through the essentials of team Close Quarters Battle (CQB) in "The Pros Guide to Team CQB." This series is tailored for both newcomers and experienced operators looking to refine their techniques.

Kyer emphasizes the importance of mastering "points of domination," a fundamental concept widely used by Special Operations units to train new recruits. He likens CQB to a "game of angles," where success hinges on who controls the angles of engagement first. This strategic approach involves navigating doorways, corners, and various room configurations to secure areas effectively.

The series promises to cover a range of scenarios including center-fed and corner-fed rooms, both closed and open doors, as well as hallways and intersections. Through detailed demonstrations, viewers will learn how to move fluidly and fill gaps much like water through a labyrinth, an essential skill for any CQB operation.

Stay tuned to "The Pros Guide to Team CQB" for in-depth insights and professional tips on mastering team-based CQB tactics.