Video news: GECO TARGET HP at the IWA 2024

Product developer Martin Naumann-Koch shows Danielle the two new GECO TARGET HP calibers at the IWA 2024. With the .223 REM. and .300 WIN. MAG. addition to the family.

Video news: GECO TARGET HP at the IWA 2024

Danielle haelt GECO TARGET HP Long-Range-Munition in der Hand

Everything the shooter needs: GECO TARGET HP ammunition has been specially developed to enable maximum long-range precision in training and competition. Thanks to its balanced load, GECO TARGET HP provides an extremely pleasant shooting experience. The elaborately manufactured hollow point bullet guarantees perfection at longer distances. The application range of the GECO TARGET HP in caliber .223 REM. enables precision shots and perfect scattering circles at up to 300m. With the GECO TARGET HP in .300 WIN. MAG. can top the whole thing even more: here, excellent groupings are possible at distances of up to 1,300m!

The two new GECO calibers are currently in production and will be available from your trusted specialist dealer from the second quarter of 2024 at the latest.

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