Video News: Kahles 328i - Brand new, powerful and versatile

Something unusual, but also okay. Alex Roßmanith kindly shows Ferdi the Kahles K3281i at the HunTac booth, because unfortunately Kahles is not present on-site this year. The Kahles...

The Kahles K328i riflescope is a masterpiece of optics that meets the highest standards of precision and versatility. With an impressive magnification range of 3.5x to 28x and a generous 50mm objective lens, this riflescope offers an unbeatable range for a wide variety of shooting requirements and distances.

The optics of the K328i are of the highest quality and offer exceptional light transmission and razor-sharp images with excellent color fidelity and contrast. Whether in daylight or at dusk, this riflescope always delivers a clear and precise view of the target.

The robust aluminum housing of the K328i is lightweight yet extremely resistant to shocks, water and fogging. This makes the riflescope perfect for use in demanding conditions and guarantees reliable performance in any situation.

Thanks to precise elevation and windage adjustment mechanisms, shooters can quickly and easily correct their aiming points to ensure maximum accuracy at all times. The illuminated reticle options, including fine crosshairs and mil-dot reticles, ensure optimum visibility in all light conditions.

The Kahles K328i riflescope is the ideal choice for sport shooters, hunters and tactical users looking for a high-quality, reliable and versatile riflescope. With its outstanding optics, robust design and precise performance, the K328i sets new standards in the world of riflescopes.