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Video News: Hard as steel - the PDP Steel Series from Carl Walther

Tom from Greyground shows us the PDP Steel Series from Carl Walther. The PDP Steel Frame Series offers rugged steel construction and high performance features. With a 4.5-inch barr...

walther steel en

The PDP Steel Frame Series combines the rugged reliability of steel with the powerful features of a high performance sporting and duty pistol. This series offers not only an impressive aesthetic masculinity, but also first-class functionality that meets the demands of both everyday use and sport.

With a 4.5-inch barrel length, the PDP Steel Frame sets the standard for uncompromising high performance. The careful balance between the bolt and frame, both precision-machined from solid steel, guarantees not only exceptional stability, but also unparalleled shooting accuracy and control.

The gun features Super Terrain Serrations for improved handling and easy reloading. In addition, the grip is equipped with Performance Duty Texture, which ensures safe handling even under extreme conditions.

Whether in demanding terrain or on the competition field, the PDP Steel Frame series offers the perfect combination of robustness, precision and control to meet even the highest demands.