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LOWREADY Magazine is your leading companion for everything related to firearms, Self-defense, safety strategies and outdoor adventures. Since our foundation, we have endeavored to provide enthusiasts, experts and interested laypersons with high-quality information and well-founded reports.

Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and tools, you need to handle firearms safely and responsibly and be prepared for all eventualities. We believe in the importance of training, responsibility and continuous development in these areas.

Our editorial team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about firearms, security and the outdoors. With a wide range of experience and expertise in military, law enforcement, security services and outdoor adventure, our writers bring unique perspectives and valuable insights to each article.

The name LOWREADY stands for the readiness to be prepared for life's challenges at all times. In the shooting world, "low ready" refers to the position in which a weapon is ready but not aimed - symbolic of our philosophy of always being prepared and safety-conscious.

Be part of it! This magazine comes from the community - for the community. Whether you are a sporting athlete or a passionate hunter, a conscientious law enforcement officer or a paintball enthusiast, a historian, collector, instructor, MilSim learner or dealer - from the simple newcomer to the CEO of large corporations. These people keep the flame bright and high, each of them a beacon and role model of a modern, healthy and ambitious European gun culture. We dedicate LOWREADY Magazine - Gunculture made in Europe to these people. 

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