Quality, tradition and innovation for over 500 years at Beretta. High-quality weapons and sports equipment for hunting, sport and defense.

For over 500 years, Beretta has been synonymous with quality, tradition and innovation in the world of firearms manufacturing and sports equipment. As a leading company with a rich history, Beretta offers a wide range of first-class products for hunting, sport and defense.

From legendary pistols and rifles to cutting-edge sporting firearms and equipment, Beretta stands for the highest precision, reliability and perfection in every detail. With a passion for craftsmanship and constant innovation, we set standards in the industry and meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Appreciated by hunters, shooters, security forces and sportsmen all over the world - whether you are looking for a reliable hunting rifle, an accurate sports pistol or high-quality outdoor equipment, at Beretta you will find the best that the world of weapons and sports equipment has to offer.


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